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Video Marketing

Ultimate guideline for using video for marketing success

In an era where consumers are engaging with digital content, video marketing is an emotionally compelling approach for businesses to interact with them and grab their attention.

Determine where your target customer spends their time

If you don’t currently have effective consumer personas, ZAM will make sure you start developing them and updating them to reflect the most recent video research.

  • Contact stakeholders to coordinate a video plan

Use ZAM Survey to create a questionnaire, then distribute it to the project’s stakeholders. This enables you to ask identical questions of everyone and collect their answers in one location.

  • Establish a timeline and a budget for your video.

Establish a precise schedule for each phase of the process. Therefore, you should ensure that you can still produce your video on schedule even if there are unexpected challenges.

  • Recommendations

Our email marketing experts assemble and give recommendations for code and design, content, and CTA after completing our audit. We also offer recommendations for email send frequency, send days and times, automation, and the opportunity for A/B testing.

  • Reviewing templates

To obtain a comprehensive picture of your email marketing performance and engagement, our email marketing professionals examine your email templates and email campaigns over the last 12 months.

  • High-quality Template Design

At ZAM Studios, we believe that a good email is more than just an eye-catching message that arrives in your inbox. Our email marketing company creates cleanly coded email marketing newsletter and drip campaign templates that are adaptable to all email clients and screen sizes.

  • Top Email Client Compatibility

We collaborate closely with your team to make sure our templates accurately reflect your distinctive identity, preferences, and brand message.

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