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PPC Managment

                  Increase Brand Awareness and Attract More Leads

Process To Manage your PPC Campaigns

ZAM Studios follow the process to handling a PPC campaign is referred to as PPC management. It entails a series of actions aimed at improving the PPC approach to raise a company’s ROI.

Offers PPC Marketing Services

Manual and automatic bid optimization

Our PPC management service in Automated bidding eliminates the tedious effort and guesswork involved in creating bids to achieve your performance objectives.

Your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) for your adverts will be established using the Manual bidding approach. By using manual CPC bidding, you may decide how much you’re willing to spend for each ad click.

  • Analysis of Keywords

Targeting certain keywords that customers are probably utilizing to locate what they need online is a part of PPC management.

  • Monitoring competitors

It’s essential to examine the strategies employed by major competitors to fully understand how well a PPC strategy is doing. By doing this, you will be able to learn about market gaps.

  •  A/B Split Testing

 Our PPC service uses split-test data to inform the optimization of your next paid search ads and enhance the effectiveness of your entire PPC strategy.

  • Negative keywords
Optimizing ad budget by excluding people that fit a criterion that renders them unlikely to convert. For instance, a high-end clothing store may only show its adverts to users who make up the top 10% of income.
  • Retargeting Campaigns
Our PPC management solution locates your top-performing campaigns, develops remarketing advertising for high-value clients, and targets site visitors who have already shown an interest in making a purchase.
  • ROI conversion tracking
ROI is the proportion of net profit to total cost. Our services will assist you in determining the expenses of running advertisements on Facebook, Google Ads, and any other search engine or social media network.
  • Dynamic copy testing
Dynamic Copy-testing is a comprehensive method that helps in marketing research to evaluate an advertisement’s performance based on responses before it is broadcast.
  • Creative Ad Copy Writing
PPC copy writing service enables you to reach the correct customers, deliver them customized messages that are designed to meet the needs, and boost your sales.
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