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Email Marketing

Reach Your Target Audience with the Right Content

Engage the services of ZAM Studios for goal-driven email marketing and allow us to create an email campaign that exactly matches your company’s goals.

Email Marketing

Grow a Loyal Community for Your Brand

Thousands of companies all around the world utilize email marketing as a digital marketing strategy to promote their brands, increase sales, and establish customer connections.

 Branding Strategies That Attract More Clients

  • Technical Review

Our email marketing professional analyzes any technical issues with your present set-up to make sure your email newsletters and other marketing communications get in the proper inboxes.

  • Data Review

According to studies, 25 to 33% of email addresses become out of date every year. We establish a baseline for email metrics, assess your top- and worst-performing campaigns, analyze unsubscribes and subscriber demographics, and create a benchmark for email metrics to make sure you’re working with updated email lists.

  • Program Review

 This includes an analysis of your current email automation, audience segmentation, email list health (growth/shrinkage), and a thorough evaluation of your email marketing strategy. The goal is to identify the optimum strategy for enhancing your marketing performance.

  • Recommendations

Our email marketing experts assemble and give recommendations for code and design, content, and CTA after completing our audit. We also offer recommendations for email send frequency, send days and times, automation, and the opportunity for A/B testing.

  • Reviewing templates

To obtain a comprehensive picture of your email marketing performance and engagement, our email marketing professionals examine your email templates and email campaigns over the last 12 months.

  • High-quality Template Design

At ZAM Studios, we believe that a good email is more than just an eye-catching message that arrives in your inbox. Our email marketing company creates cleanly coded email marketing newsletter and drip campaign templates that are adaptable to all email clients and screen sizes.

  • Top Email Client Compatibility

We collaborate closely with your team to make sure our templates accurately reflect your distinctive identity, preferences, and brand message.

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